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hl 1.1

hl highlights a matched pattern in reverse text. Patterns can use regular expressions. hl reads input either from a command line argument or standard input.

Screen shot -
First example: hl gets input from file 'tmp' and highlights all words that begin with a capital letter.
Second example: hl gets input from the piped output of ps and highlights all shells.
screen shot

  • hl text (md5 = 4c1abf10d62a3e6cf5ceef052b6ac1e0)
  • hl.gz zipped (md5 = d8a70be4d04353caaee36ad06031658e)
Exit Status:
  • 0 - No errors were encountered
  • 1 - The arguments were not correctly specified
  • 2 - The file specified on the command line does not exist

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