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space 1.312

space converts all spaces tabs and newlines into single spaces; the output of space is always one line. Input for space can come from a file specified as a command line argument, or from standard input, such as a pipe.

See also: line

Usage examples:
$ space input_file
$ cat input_file | space
$ space < input_file

  • space text (md5 = 2bcf72700c98a06d6e21cbe38c866a2a)
  • space.gz zipped (md5 = 35971381cec1b3deb0b26b36a38d3fa5)
Exit Status:
  • 0 - No errors were encountered
  • 1 - More than one file was specified as an argument
  • 2 - The file specified on the command line does not exist

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