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Why is PHP a superior language for web based development?

PHP offers features that other programming languages and tools simply don't have. Whether you're looking for speed, security, portability, database interaction (or other features too numerous to summarize,) PHP has it all. An active development community ensures that PHP will remain the right choice for your web-based applications not just for today, but also well into the future.

The PHP Report Card

Compare PHP to other CGI languages, and the answer is clear:
  Java & Java Script* ASP ColdFusion PERL JSP PHP
Speed*   91 62   28 100
Integrated Security Features          
Open Source        
HTML Embedded Java Script    
Server Side  
Free Upgrades    
Runs on Windows Inconsistent
Runs on Macintosh Inconsistent Not Native Not Native
Runs on LINUX Inconsistent Not Native Not Native
Runs on UNIX Inconsistent Not Native Not Native
Runs on BSD Inconsistent Not Native Not Native
Speed tests based on pages of output per 2.13 seconds as tested by zdnet.
Java and Java-Script are not true CGI languages.

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