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A collection of open source projects written by Atom Emet. All projects are copyright Atom Emet, all rights reserved, and distributed under the GNU General Public License (GPL), unless otherwise noted. Other licenses may be available; please contact Atom Emet for details.

PHP Projects
gpg_encrypt() Use GnuPG to encrypt sensitive information
honeypot A better trap for spam-bots
cookie jar Catch address harvesters with their hand in the cookie jar

Shell Projects
ez-pine-gpg Intuitive and powerful GnuPG interface for Pine
clean clean up garbage within the home directory
hl highlight a pattern of text in reverse-video
line separate words [tokens] onto lines
lower convert all UPPERCASE letters to lowercase letters
rdns scan a class C network and display node names
unscrew unscrew a screwed terminal
space separate words [tokens] by a space
upper convert all lowercase letters to UPPERCASE letters

For best results, do not download the text versions of these scripts: Several of the scripts contain control characters and tabs that might not turn out the right way. For best results download the gzipped file, and unzip it locally.

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